Followers and Likes on Instagram mean nothing unless they are from real people. At Envy Me, we organically grow your followers and likes with real people that are genuinely interested in your content. These are followers that will share your content and drive even more traffic to your Instagram page and website!

Our Features

How We Grow Your Instagram Followers

Hashtag Research

Traffic goes up when you provide what your targeted audience needs. The fastest way to let them know is by using hashtags. At Envy Me, we research the best hashtags to use for maximum impact.

Niche Targeted

You don’t just want followers, you want the right followers. To do this, we target followers for your specific niche. These are people who have common interests, who share your passion, and who appreciate your content.

Demographic Targeting

Asides from targeting a specific niche, we at Envy Me target audience at a specific demographic. This ensures that you receive the exact type of followers you need for your page.

Monthly Reports Analytics

If you stick with us for the long term, we will continue to work on growing your Instagram followers. You’ll receive monthly reports and analytics that present our progress and the future growth you can expect.

Genuine Followers

At Envy Me, we strive to grow your followers with Real people. Followers that share your interests and are truly excited with what you have to share with them.

Brand Exposure

One of the reasons to increase your followers with Real people is to increase the exposure of your brand. By marketing your Instagram page to the right people, we also increase awareness of your brand and your products that will ultimately result in improved sales.

Build Followers by Targeting a Specific Audience

The content you provide is for a specific audience. This means that you need to target that audience. They may be people interested in a certain niche or audience situated at a certain location. Whoever and wherever your audience may be, we can target them for you. Let us know exactly what you need and the audience you’re targeting and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Guarantee!

At Envy Me, we have proven our ability to produce genuine followers. As such, we provide a personal guarantee that we can achieve the number of followers we promised in the time frame we agreed upon. This would be 700 followers for the starter package. For the PRO package, we can guarantee 1200 followers. In the rare event that we are unable to meet our targets, we will continue with the marketing campaign for free until such targets are achieved.

You may be wondering how we can promise such wonderful results. Envy Me is a team of highly experienced digital marketing professionals. We have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies to increase their followers on different social media platforms. As such, we already know our capability when it comes to achieving our targets.

What’s best about the results we promise is that this is usually enough to drive even more traffic to the page even without additional marketing efforts. With our guaranteed results of Real People to follow your Instagram account, you’re bound to get even more even after our marketing campaign.

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