About Envy Me

Who we are

Envy Me is a social media marketing service that focuses primarily on building followership on the social media platform Instagram. Envy Me provides the following:

  • Marketing services that helps you increase your followers with real people
  • Our services targets audience by location and interests
  • Envy Me fosters engagement through comments on your posts
  • With Envy Me marketing services, you are able to gain the exact type of followers you choose

With Envy Me’s marketing services on Instagram, individuals and businesses are able to increase their followers effectively in a much shorter amount of time. Our marketing services make use of certain tools that identify the right audience for your Instagram page. These tools help us engage with that audience to increase awareness of your brand.


What you should not expect from our services

Envy Me applies highly effective marketing techniques, but as with any form of marketing, it takes time to produce results. As such, you should not expect instantaneous growth of your followers.

Our services are in full compliance of Instagram’s terms and conditions. We do not engage in any activities outside the limitations of Instragram.

You should not expect to “buy” followers from Envy Me services. We market your account to real people, thus only those that are interested in your content are expected to respond to our efforts.

Envy Me does not engage in fraudulent acts, such as developing fake accounts or bots to become followers.


Terms and Condition

1. General

The following are the Terms & Conditions of Envy Me. By registering to this site, you hereby acknowledge your agreement herewith. Should changes be made to these Terms & Conditions, all registered members of Envy Me shall be notified accordingly.


2. Service

The primary service offered by Envy Me is the promotion of members’ Instagram accounts. To accomplish these services, members who have availed of such services agree to provide Envy Me with the account credentials.

Upon receipt of such credentials, Envy Me will use the account holder’s Instagram application programming interface (API) to market said account to a targeted audience with the objective of driving traffic to said account.

Envy Me uses a legitimate method of marketing to increase exposure and organic followers of your account. However, Envy Me does not provide any guarantee on an exact number of additional likes or followers.

Envy Me encourages account holders to provide highly interesting content, as such content would greatly increase the chances of increasing followers, likes, and comments.


3. PayPal & Payments

By signing up to this site’s services, you expressly agree to Envy Me’s method of marketing. The specific method of payment for such services is through PayPal.  By agreeing to Envy Me’s services, you hereby agree not to file any dispute with PayPal.

In the event that you file a fraudulent dispute with PayPal, Envy Me reserves the right to terminate your account and reset all followers, like, and comments achieved by our services. Additionally, we may also initiate a permanent ban on your IP address.

Envy Me will provide you 1 week to explain the circumstances of your action. Should you fail to respond to our query, Envy Me reserves the right to forfeit any amounts paid and refuse any refund requests.

Should you wish to cancel such services, you agree to provide a notice of cancellation to Envy Me’s customer support staff. Without such notice, Envy Me will continue to automatically invoice your account for said services.

Envy Me offers weekly subscription to its services. We require complete payment of the specified term prior to cancellation of the agreement.


4. Registration

By registering for Envy Me services, you hereby acknowledge that you are at least 13 years of age.  As part of the registration process, you agree to provide Envy Me with your Instagram log-in information, such as your username and password.


5. Copyright

As part of Envy Me’s marketing efforts, our staff may upload written marketing materials to your account. By registering to our services, you acknowledge that such material is under copyright. Such materials will not be copied or distributed without the consent of Envy Me.


6. Instagram

Envy Me provides marketing services in compliance to the terms and conditions of Instagram.


7. Reviews

Envy Me reserves to right to use reviews of our services on public forums and other websites. Should you wish not to participate in such reviews, you will need to provide Envy Me customer support a notification to remain confidential. Envy Me will remove any reviews within 24 hours of receipt of such notification.


8. Liabilities

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge that Envy Me shall not be held liable for actions of Instagram, including deletion of photographs in the account and account termination.


9. Disclaimer

Envy Me will provide marketing services of your account. However, Envy Me will not be held liable for any damages such services may have on your business. Envy Me does not guarantee followers above the minimum number agreed upon. Additionally, since Envy Me is an internet-based service, as such we are unable to guarantee availability of the site.


10. Changes

Envy Me reserves the right to apply changes to these terms and conditions as may be deemed fit. Should such changes be necessary, Envy Me shall post the changes on its website. The changes will become effective on the same day.


11. Refund

Envy Me’s services is marketing in nature. As such, Envy Me is unable to issue refunds for such services. However, Envy Me may, at its discretion, entertain requests for refunds that are based on the following circumstances:

Unsatisfied with our services: In the event that you are completely unsatisfied with the results of our services, in the sense that we are unable to deliver such results, Envy Me will issue a 100% refund.

Non-delivery: Envy Me’s product is marketing in nature. In the event that we fail to provide such product, or delivery of the product is slower than expected, Envy Me will entertain claims for refunds. However, Envy Me will not entertain claims submitted after 7 days of order placement as the campaign will have been considered complete.

Non-delivery of described product: Envy Me uses several marketing techniques to increase followers and exposure of a customer’s Instagram account. If you deem that Envy Me has failed to deliver the exact product, Envy Me will consider claims for refund upon presentation of evidence of such failure. Refunds that are based on false expectations will not be entertained.


12. Privacy

To provide you with our services, we will need to obtain or have access to your personal information. Envy Me shall protect your personal information. Envy will not sell or distribute your personal information for any purposes.