Questions we Frequently Receive

If you have any questions about us or our services, scroll through the list below. We may have already provided an answer.

Here’s my problem!

Once we receive your payment, we’ll get the ball rolling! Our team will contact you and discuss the next steps in increasing your followers with Real people.  If you have supplied us if insufficient information or we require more information, we will contact you with a request to provide the additional details we require.

Once we’ve begun your campaign, you should notice changes within a few days. In some cases, it will only take a few hours for noticeable changes to occur, but this depends on the quality of your content. You should remember that we strive for REAL followers, so we need to be patient with the results.

By the way, we also provide additional features that can help increase your growth. Find out here.

We take a personal approach to all of our clients. Once we have a functioning agreement, one of the first things we’ll do is to assign you a case manager. Your case manager will email you with all the account information you require to setup your account.

If you believe that a different audience will be more beneficial for your Instagram page, then email us what type of audience you need. We’ll also need your Instagram username, the locations of your targeted audience, and any other targeting options you may require.

Billing Questions

Yes you can upgrade your plan. Just let us know what plan you want to upgrade to. However, once you upgrade your account, know that we will need to wait at least 72 hours to change billing with PayPal.

Unfortunately, changing your PayPal account will create numerous problems in our systems. Therefore, we do not allow do so at this time. However, if you do need to change your PayPal account, we suggest cancelling this current account and setting up a new one with new PayPal information.

In the sad event that you need to cancel your subscription, let us know and we can cancel the Paypal account for you.

If your PayPal account has insufficient funds, we will suspend your account. We will lift the suspension once the account has sufficient funds.

Should you require a refund or have any questions about payment, let us know immediately. We will discuss the situation and proceed with the best possible solution.

Questions concerning Envy Me

At Envy Me, we strive to market your page to real people. We don’t deal with make up numbers or fake accounts. We want you to receive the full benefits of working with us.

Of course! We will continue marketing your account while you’re using it. When you update your account on a regular basis, this will let your audience know that you are an aggressive member of Instagram and that they can expect frequent updates to your page.

All you need to do is to let us know exactly what you need. Do you need more followers? Do you need audience at a specific location? Send us the details and we’ll work on achieving your goals.

What we do isn’t exactly a trade secret. It’s called aggressive marketing. First we choose the right accounts to follow. This will act as a trigger for those accounts to follow you back. We will then unfollow the same accounts to reduce the number of people you need to follow.

Another technique is to use comments aggressively. This technique is particularly effective for businesses. We aggressively place comments on your page for others to follow and even react on. This will let your prospective followers know that you are active and ready to share interesting posts on your account.

Even though we do recommend setting your account to Public for faster results, our services will still work even if your account is set to private. So if you do need to set it to private, know that we can still achieve the desired results.

Other FAQs

In the even that you need to cancel your subscription, don’t worry. All your followers and likes you achieved during the campaign will remain as they are. Keep in mind that they are Real followers so they are following you because they like what you have to offer, not because we have an aggressive marketing campaign.

If you don’t know what your target audience needs to be then simply check out hashtagsforlikes. This will help you decide your target audience. Keep in mind that we can also target gender and location, so let us know exactly what you need.

If you need to change your username, then let us know immediately in order to not experience any disruptions in your service.

Using hashtags on your posts is one of the best ways to ensure that your post is spread to the right people. We encourage hashtage use. In fact, we want you to use it aggressively as possible. Check out hashtagsforlikes to find out the best hashtags to use. Moreover, find out the best time to post, which is usually between 7 and 9 pm.

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